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What cost to remove a chimney from loft and replace a supporting purlin?

We have just moved into a 1904-built, 2-bed red brick Victorian semi. One of the chimneys has been removed on every floor apart from in the loft (there's no stack above roof level). We need this loft section removed. The problem is that this section of chimney also provides support for one of the main roof purlins, which is itself split. And the chimney section is supported on a loose wooden beam stood on top of the loft floor joists. In short, we need the chimney removed and a new purlin put in. How much should this cost and how long will it take to get the job done roughly?

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Hi Bob,
If all the chimney has been removed, apart from the bit in the loft,I cant see how that is holding your purlin,plus your roof.
I would get some one in pretty sharpish and get it sorted it sounds a bit of a disaster.
Is sounds like some one previous has been bodging it.
You may need to notify neighbours if you have any (party wall act)
As for price you need to get at least three builders round to assess and price.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

I'd say once again get someone in sharpish to take a look . Allow at least £1500 for the project. But at least get someone in to ensure it's safe until you can get a builder in to complete the work in whole. At worst the Chimney may have to be supported by a Jack from the room below to ensure the Perlin and roof remains safe.

All the best


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

Hi i also would agree the work needs doing quick
at a guess around £1000 approx 3 days but without seeing the chimney it would be hard to quote exactly.
Depends on size of breast!!!
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Answered 3rd Mar 2011

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