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One cold radiator due to single flow system?

I recently had a new Combi boiler (Ideal 30) installed in my new property. It was to replace an old back boiler system. I then asked for 2 new radiators to be installed as the previous rads had sludge build up in them. When the work was completed, the new radiator in the bedroom was slightly warm at the top and cold at the bottom. I was told this was due to the system being a single flow system. My issue is that the in flow pipe (where the thermostatic valve is) is roasting hot but it's not getting into the rad (valve is fully open).

Can anyone please advise on what to do next? Do I require a 2 flow system?

Thank you,


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First your boiler warranty is now invalid as the manufacture will as part of the installation instructions state that the boiler must be piped by means of a twin (flow & return) system. Your installer should of been aware of this when quoting for the work.

Contact him to sort this problem out ASAP. It is his responsibility!


Answered 11th Jan 2015

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