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Overflow pipe - constant flow

Help, I have a combi boiler with a tank in my airing cupboard, Ive called my insurance and they have left me for days with no heating or water with kids in the house and still cant get a plumber to attend! We can see water flowing through the over flow pipe constantly and running outsiede, the pressure bar is still at 1.5 but the rads on the third floor arnt heating up. I need to know if its safe to use this system to put the water or heating on as Im freezing and hoping they will turn up tomorrow
We have a tribune tank with a red pressure tub

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Possibility of either faultys ball valve which fills loft tanks or hot water cylinder primary coil has a whole in it mixing heating and hot water


Answered 24th Jul 2015

combi boiler with a tank, or for instance an Ideal Istor , unless they are getting the feed from the loft for water supply then the ball cock or the valve could be faulty, IE: the ballcock if faulty would sink due to filling with water -which is very rare, or the actual valve is passing because it has a build up of limescale in it or just worn.
other scenarios are that the tprv is passing ,(you will need an engineer to advise you to correct it) which can be seen by looking at the tundish (usually black in color and kind of looks like an old space landing capsule!! be imaginative!- either way I'm sure its fixed by now its been 4 yrs already since this post but if anyone reads it, its an answer for the now.


Answered 18th Mar 2019

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