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I moved into a small one bedroom flat last year which has no main real heating. The bedroom has a storage heater, which suits me fine, but the living room only has a gas fire for heat and during this winter I'm finding it not all that warm so I'm having to add extra heat in the form of a small convector fan so I'd like to look at if its possible to install a radiator in the living room. The "boiler" is a large copper water tank and looks rather old and only heats my hot water taps (the shower heats the water for a hot shower) so my questions are could one radiator be piped from the airing cupboard into the living room? The cupboard handily backs into the living room so any piping would just need to go through a wall. My next question is would I require a new boiler? Can radiators run from the copper type of boilder I have. It's not helped by the fact the flats are sturdy built so I've got solid concrete floors. Before I start asking trades to look at a job I'd know to know if it's worth it, I'd not like to waste their time. Thanks in advance!

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the copper cylinder will only supply hot water to the taps. it must use an electric immersion heater to heat it. a boiler is different. it will heat the water in the cylinder instead of the electric immersion heater. so in short, no. sorry.

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Answered 19th Jan 2015

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