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Valor 850 petrus electric fire

We have a 2 and a bit year old electric fire that we only use for the lovely flame effect. That stopped working over Christmas in that there is no light whatsoever, but close up you can see the movement is still there, the fan is still blowing and both heat settings work fine. Unfortunately there are no bulbs to replace in this type of fire.
I have contacted the manufacturers who have quoted a small fortune to fix, suspecting the control board may need replacing. Before going down this route, does anyone local have experience of this, do you know how much the parts cost and could you give a ballpark figure to fix please?

Apparently it's the LED driver that would need replacing, which costs £75 or thereabouts. If I order the part, what is the cost of fitting please?

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Hi I would and can fix this for it would b around £ 50


Answered 11th Jan 2015

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