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Floorboards in the kitchen

We have just ripped up the ancient and horrible linoleum in our kitchen, to reveal the original floorboards. We have sanded and sealed boards through the living/dining room, but how best to protect floorboards in a kitchen?

Most grateful for any advice.

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Hi, tuff one as in the end varnish will wear away around cooker n sink area, ronseal diamond varnish is very tuff, but as i say will chip in time, oil is better but must be very good quality like junkers or another Danish oil, boards must be sanded very smooth and dust free for application. Or a polurethane floor sealent, they are available,
Polyurethane is a protective coating used in wood floor boards. It creates a tight waterproof seal that is subtle yet strong enough to protect the floor boards from damage and wear. The polyurethane also provides you with a clean, clear floor finish that is smooth and easy to clean, i suggest tho just a mop n bucket with warm soapy water when it come to cleaning them and elbow grease, but regular mopping will keep em tip top! Paul


Answered 28th Feb 2011

if you are looking for durability then polyurethane is defenatly the way to go. we use these seals on 99% of jobs as they look great and last years as long as you go for a high quality laqour(3 coats ensuring to rub the floor back between coats with a fine grade paper) the easiest to find if you are not in the trade is bona you will only need a one pack seal as it is a domestic property.
thanks ricky


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

or a good wax. buffed


Answered 28th Feb 2011

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