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Advise on getting my flat insulated

Live on a second level top floor flat but it seems to be very very cold in the winter. Home was built in the 1940's.
What can i look at to get this place warm. Its costing me a lot of money for heating and electricity. I got someone from a guy I met at B&Q, he looked at the loft and said, I have adequate insulation. Then I had someone visiting me from the council and he said I did not have any insulation. That makes it contradicting.

There seems to be a string draft coming in through the double glazed windows and don't know if there is ways to stop the draft by inserting some sort of chemicals or any preventive action that I can take?
Please advice

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Hi, cavity wall insulation is your best bet, speak to your local council and they will tell you what grants or deals are available. If top floor then get loft insulated, huge amount of heat lost through poorly insulated lofts. If it's in your budget then double/triple glazed windows will make a difference.

Hope this helps

Kenny McMillan


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Re-line your external walls & your ceilings with Gyproc Thermaline plasterboards.
Get a good plasterer on here near to you to pop round and give you a price.



Answered 21st Aug 2011

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