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A 230V 14 KW domestic cooker,installed in a house is to be supplied by a 15m run of PVC insulated and heated cable, clipped to a surface. The circuit is to be rpotected by a BS £)£^ fuse and the value of external impedance is 0.85 ohms. Calculate the minimum size cable that can be used for this circuit to comply with shock protection.

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Hi kW size is wrong most cooker run at up to 40 amps min cable would b 6 mm but would recommend 10 mm PVC twin and earth cable enclosed In PVC trunking conduit min off of a 40 amp RCD protected circuit breaker and a 45 amp double pole neon switch


Answered 11th Jan 2015

Did you just copy and paste this question out of a maths book?

The fuse size is gibberish


Answered 6th Jan 2015

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