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Meter cables to consumer unit are undersized

I have been advised that the meter cables from the DB are undersized therefore need to be updated/ replaced. Can you advise how i go about getting the right person to do an assessment on what is needed to correct this. I also need to update my fuse box and haven't a clue as what i need to do to get this sorted out. Please can you advise

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Get a local electrician to assess the installation. Should be able to give you a quote for free.

Use an electrician from mybuilder who is NAPIT or NICEIC accredited to carry out the work. They can provide a certificate for the work done and notify the council of the work.


Answered 5th Jan 2015

it depends on what size fuse you have in your service head (incoming Supply)
if it is 60Amps then 16mm tails are acceptable if it is 100 amps then the tails should be 25mm .As for a new consumer unit the current standard issue is a 17th edition split load consumer unit how many ways depends on how many circuits you have in your house ,Hope this information is helpful.
John (CJS Electrical Services)


Answered 5th Jan 2015

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