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Cheapest way to build an extension? argon-filled glass? tiled roof extension?

Hi everyone,

Which is the cheapest way to build a single storey rear extension to typical 1930's terraced house? I have been assured by one builder that an argon filled glass extension will act just like brick in its heat retaining properties... I'm finding it hard to believe as I want to open the whole back wall of the house to a 6 x 4 m kitchen/diner extension (knocking through the kitchen into the reception also).

Are there any other cheaper options? Tiled roof extension with veluxes? Flat roof with lantern? Your thoughts and opinions on pricing would very much be appreciated. We are in north London.

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The cheapest method would be Block and rendered.
Perhaps with brick corners either side.
A simple lean to roof with internal also sloped.
2 velux windows dont add much cost to price.
My personal view is not only is this the most straight forward but the quickest too. Resulting in smaller costs. Time + materials.
Another idea would be to source sub contract trades men, and project manage the job yourself. (Labour only)


Answered 28th Jan 2015

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