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Debris in boiler

We discovered some debris in our boiler - making a terrible racket. It looked like little (4-5mm) shards of carbon. They were black, magnetic and rounded like they had been on the inside of a small tube. Anyone ever seen this before, it is a new house and has underfloor and, towel rails, a cylider and pump in the system.

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Could you elaborate?
Did you find the debris the pipework or in the casing to the boiler?
Is there a magna clean on the system?


Answered 2nd Jan 2015

Hi yes we at cosyhomes heating have seen this before it's called magma it normal happen 's if this system has not been cleaned after its been fitted to remove flux and other bits. Get it cleaned then fit a filter on the return that should stop the problem
Regards Scott. Cosyhomes heating


Answered 2nd Jan 2015

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