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Gap around new upvc door and frame & condensation on new windows.

What should the maximum gap around the door be. We have just had new windows and doors installed and can feel a draught coming from the front door. There seems to be a rather large gap between the door and the frame. Also there's a lot of condensation on all the windows. I asked about vents as I had seen them on our neighbours houses - the council had recently replaced all windows & doors on their tenants properties. I was told there were not needed. Now the water is gathering by the bucket load on the bottom of all windows and the back door. Fitted by Anglian 2 weeks ago. HELP!! Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I take it the front door is a composite?
If so their should be a maximum of 4mm between slab and frame, To allow
the door to operate correctly and still be draught sealed.
Condensation on the windows is more to do with humidity in the house, trickle vents would help but not eliminate it.
Look for the cause of the high humidity and try to reduce it.
Bathrooms & kitchens must have external mechanical ventilation.
Even humans exhale about a liter of moisture each night.

Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Jan 2015

Hello there, the door might be over tightened so it could be bowed, when shut you shouldn't see any day light coming in, and trickle vents should be fitted as standard.hope this helps


Answered 28th Sep 2018

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