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Leak...see video...where would leak be?

Gutter is tight to roof, so can't be dripping from behind and running down. It looks more like it falls through hole before gutter, which would mean rain is getting under tiles somewhere...notes: felt a bit worn at edge; gutter is new.

Thanks BJD Builder. You don't work in the London area do you?

FB: thx for input..this may be the case - but then the gutter refurb (eaves) trays should deal with bridging the gap between felt and gutter.

m.a.d roofing: thx...only problem is locating a cracked tile.

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It sounds like the bottom of your felt has rotted away, you can get some gutter refurbishment trays, come in 1.5m lengths, remove bottom rows of tiles, slide the trays up under the felt with the curved edge into the gutter.
Retile back over.

Edit to your last post;
Sorry I live in the Cotswolds, if you post your requirements in the post a job section, you will be sure to find a tradesmen to carry out the works for you.


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Hi looking at your video it looks like your fascia may of been over cladded at some point,if so this could be the reason why the water is getting behind guttering....originally your roof slates would of started of at a certain gauge,this gives the bottom of your roof slates enough overhang to let rain water into guttering usually 1" to 3" but if the overhang is short and with the 10 to 15mm that would of been added with fascia cappit there maybe a chance of rainwater getting behind guttering rather than into it.
Hope this has been helpful Frank


Answered 23rd Aug 2011

i would say you may have a broken slate or simlair problem, as the slates should keep the water out regardless if there is felt on a roof or not.
felt would only ever act as a second line of defence.
there are many old roofs with no felt that dont leak


Answered 23rd Aug 2011

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