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2.5*0.6m flat roof. grp, epdm, or lead

I have a leaking roof, had 3 roofers round, each suggest a different material. GRP the cheapest, EPDM being 30% more, lead 45% more than GRP.

Both poo-poo GRP. Which do people recommend? To me the price is neither here nor there, as i want to fit and forget, but is lead really the best?

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Grp all the way. Fit and forget and no theft value


Answered 12th Jan 2015

To be honest i would have said yes but after doing a fitting course with Cure iT GRP roofing i would say that the GRP would be my choice,just make sure that the roofing company you choose has done the app course so you get your proper guarantee should be from the company they have been trained with. It will be a written guarantee and insurance backed for 20 yr, hope this helps you,


Answered 24th Dec 2014

Lead would have to be formed in two pieces and I do not like joints, where water is concerned, it is also prevalent to theft dependent on location.

We fit both GRP and EPDM. Personally I would recommend fibreglass, to me it can be formed better, looks better, can be refinished at any point and if you sell the property peoples perceptions of an aged EPDM can be the same of felt. Manufacturers normally provide a 20 year warranty on EPDM, but with our GRP it comes with a 25 year.

The only thing I would advise is use a flat roofer and not a builder, they form a better quality roof (generally) - builders normally sub the work out.


Andrew @ Fibretechs - Glos


Answered 24th Dec 2014

The time saved by using EPDM (rubber roofing) makes for the best choice and the material has a long guarantee for your peace of mind and unaffected by ultraviolet light


Answered 24th Dec 2014

lead is the best material going providing the company installing it are using the correct code 5 or above if installed correctly a join will never ever be an issue. failing that E.P.D.M. would be my second choice although price wise it sounds like your roofers are not that competent with GRP as their really should not be a lot of difference in the price of rubber/ fibreglass.
lead will always be the most expensive as it is the best.

merry Christmas,
good luck Alex


Answered 28th Dec 2014

e.p.d.m firestone rubber cover 50 years guaranteed.lead will get stolin . look on ther website hope this help


Answered 2nd Jan 2015

Grp I wood say is the rolls rice of flat roofs totally seamless and can be moulding to fit any roof as thay say fit and forget


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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