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If roof tiles are described as porous and water trapped below does this have to be a new roof replacement ,or is there an alternative course of action which would be less costly.

does a new roof require planning permission (scotland

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if you have an underfelt this should stop water entering the house, but if there is water trapped below the tiles this will be rotting the lathes and the underfelt
you do not require planning permision for a new roof.
you do require building regs usually done on a builders notice
when you replace more than 25% of your roof covering you are obliged to upgrade your loft insulation to current gov standards 270mm at the same time.


Answered 20th Aug 2011

batons get wet and rot felt is only an insulation


Answered 25th Aug 2011

When tiles are porous they absorve moisture & in freezing cconditions this moisture expands inside the tile, you might have flakes of tile coming of the roof, the only alternative is roof painting after a period of dry weather to seal the surface of tiles.
an expensive cheap fix, much better to re-tile the roof for a little more cost & long term benefits


Answered 28th Aug 2011

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