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Is the floor sinking or my tiles lifting?

we had a conservatory erected and had numerous problems with the floor having frost damage, being uneven etc. We had intended to tile this ourselves but due to this decided to pay the installers to do the tiling. We supplied all materials except those to level the floor and I know from the fitter he found it difficult to get the right product to correct the massive variances of level.The quality of the finished job was just about OK. early this year I noticed some of the tiles were uneven and sounded hollow whilst the ones that sounded solid had a grout line above the tile on the conservatory frame, all these tile were around the edge and butted onto the conservatory frame on 2 sides. The installers have llifted all the affected tiles, broken 3, refitted the good ones and returned early this week with 3 replacement tiles, fitted them and left. On inspection the 3 tile are a different size and colour leaving a larger grout gap between them than the originals they stand out like sore thumbs. The installers have told me they could not match the original tiles that I purchased and as the fault is caused by "pooling" of condensation under the tiles it is not there problem and if I can match the tiles they will come back and replace the 3 FOC. Sorry for the long story, my questions are, if the tiles were grouted in properly then the chances of water getting under the tiles (as this was only noticed when they remove the tiles they had laid in position prior to completing the job) in any quantity would be almost impossible-am I correct? I feel that the floor of the conservatory has sunk/settled and taken most of the tiles with it except certain ones around the edge that have become " hung up" on the conservatory frame, confirmed by the grey grout witness line left by the tiles that did not sound hollow and have therefore gone down with the floor level. As this is possibly going to dispute now I would appreciate expeert comments and advice as I do not believe that in the warm weather of the last 10 months or so that water/condensation would be the cause.

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Sounds like the screed/base of the conservatory was green when the tiles were laid. You can buy a green screed adhesive but clearly too late. Highly unlikely that the base has moved, from my experience some tiles would have been cracked had the base moved. Whole floor needs re-tiling unfortunately this is the only remedy.
Regards Chris.


Answered 25th Feb 2015

It may also be down to the coverage of the adhesive. As well as the screed not being fully dried out.

Floor tiles really need to be properly smothered in adhesive or voids will result and tiles can crack or come off. But mostly crack. It might also be that the adhesive was drying out as the tiles were laid and in the rush to finish the tiles didn't bond well. This is possible especially if the tiles weren't back buttered. Floor tiles especially need to be fully covered on a good bed of mortar and back buttered to ensure a bomb proof installation.

As for colour match. Tiles are fired in batches and colours may vary from time to time.

It's a good idea to keep s few in reserve for the future as it's hard to get the same tiles again. And tiles are sorted according to size . Most shop workers don't know this but there's a code on the box that relates to the precise size of the tile as they are doted into batches at the factory


Answered 29th Oct 2018

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