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Can you tile over existing tile in the bathroom? does the the thickness and weight of the tile matter if they go over the existing? what else needs to be checked?

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its ok to tile over tile it actualy sticks alot better than the actual wall its self
theres nothing to worry about


Answered 19th Aug 2011

yes , you can tile over existing tiles, but you have to make sure that the old tiles are not loose. as long as the old tiles are well suck the tickness and weight is not really important, but i will recomend to use good quality adhesive( not ready mixed)


Answered 19th Aug 2011

It is perfectly ok to tile on top of tiles as long as the tiles being tiled over are sound and not coming away. I recommend using a non slip tile adhesive and not a fix and grout adhesive.


Answered 19th Aug 2011

You can tile over 1 existing layer of ceramic tiles, if they are firmly stuck to the surface and not loose, the tiles are adequately keyed (roughed up) and free of any residues but there are a few things to take note of:
- gypsum plaster can only support 20kg/sq m and plasterboard 32kg/sq m - the weight of both tiling layers mustn't exceed that.
- use an adhesive designed for adhering to low-porosity surfaces and allow additional drying time before grouting as the tiles below do not absorb any moisture
- if you plan to tile with large format porcelain or stone tiles, strip the existing tiles and prepare the surface accordingly


Answered 20th Aug 2011

Hello , yes you can tile over tile , the existing tiles
must be secure , the surface of them should be scratched
up - wire wool is good , pva should be applied prior
to new tiles being installed .
Things to check are : door / window architraves
And if the new tiling is going to project to far out
against fittings .
Hope that helps


Answered 19th Aug 2011

I agree with GID. You should check what the existing tiles have been tiled onto. If it is plaster skim you will probably be exceeding the safe weight limit if you tile on tile.


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Hey yes it is fine to tile over tile just ensure the existing tiles are firmly fixed and use a good powder adhesive I use Kerakoll no limits. In regards to thickness and weight as long as the above if fine it doesn't really matter.


Answered 2nd Nov 2017

I personally believe it’s a much better job to remove the original tiles. That said you can tile over tiles, but definitely check that the tiles are not loose and what the first layer of tiles is on.
Sand and cement = 50kg/m2
Gypsum plaster = 20kg/m2
Gypsum plaster board = 32kg/m2
Plywood = up to 30kg/m2
Light weight tile-backer boards 60kg/m2


Answered 21st Feb 2019

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