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Do i need to replace window frame??

A damp patch has appeared inside the house near a bedroom window but inbetween the floor and the window sill so doesn't look like riding damp and nothing coming down from the ceiling. No obvious leaks, no blown bricks or damaged mortar, no outside overflow pipes but I've been told the old wooden window frame is rotten. It's an old terrace that's had upvc windows fitted inside the original wooden frames, could this cause damp inside the house/bricks if the rain is driving in?? And if so, should the old wooden window frame be replaced or should a new upvc window the full size of the window space (without the wooden frame) be fitted? Or should I get a damp expert out to confirm this is causing the damp?? And if it's a window fitting exercise how much roughly would it cost?? Thank you for any advice all greatfully received!!

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It sounds like when it rains water is seeping though the old timber. Should have been removed.
May have saved on decorating but the wood still rots. And causes this.


Answered 18th Dec 2014

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