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Have i got the wrong trade?

I have a jammed mechanism on my double glazed window. Ie when i turn the handle to open the window the right handside is stuck so wont budge. I posted job and 2 people have declined should i get a locksmith instead.

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No it sounds like the gearing has gone
Trades proberbly declined because of distance.
See if you can find someone a couple of miles from you.


Answered 18th Dec 2014

Hi,that sounds like stuck mechanism, that some time happens when you open or close window in wrong position of window handle, you can try pull window to words self and carefully twist handle in same time till window opens, when window opens,check if none of mechanism furniture are loose, if not then put handle in open position and close again again window.After that try open and close window for several times,(extra size mechanism). If window still stacking then mechanism needs a just


Answered 18th Dec 2014

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