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Wood vs upvc window frames?

I rent out a property which is about 25 years old with the original wooden frames (with vents) and double glazed sealed units which have been periodically replaced in the past. The property has always suffered from condensation as its a small house and cooking, drying the washing in doors during the winter etc. has always added to the issue. Now the letting agency is advising to replace all frames with uPVC windows with trickle vents. My understanding was that the best solution is to try and reduce the moisture. Surely having newly installed uPVC frames will decrease the ventilation and possibly make this worse. Am i being advised to spend money where I don't need to or will uPVC frames really help?

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Get a nuaire drymaster fitted in the loft the unit is £220 for the unheated version.
Then there's the cost of an electrician wiring it up (if the loft doesn't have a plug socket already.

I installed one about 3 months ago because we was getting molde on the walls and bad condensation (after installing topof the range double glazing! )

This product has totally eliminated the molde and condensation is down to a slight mist every now and then.

Hope this helps Lee


Answered 12th Dec 2014

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