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Condensation problem on our windows

Please help!! We have double glazing (not very good stuff and a bit bodged in my opinion, too much plastic trimming hiding stuff) but it is soaking wet in the morning. I don't mean a little bit at the bottom but all over, it almost looks like frosted glass!! We use a window vac daily and can get 1 litre of water off them a day. We had someone come and check our damp proofing etc and got told "it's just condensation love you need to open some windows" which we do daily. We don't dry clothes indoors or on radiators. We have installed pacufier vents too but nothing seems to work. We have now put a window film over the windows which helps slightly. Do we need new windows or is there another remedy as we are freezing with the windows open and running out of ideas. Thank you in advance

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Have a look here, the only solution i have ever found for condensation.

Cheers Ron


Answered 9th Dec 2014

Hi Amanda, I have the same issue in my own home! I'm assuming the condensation is on the inside i.e you can touch it? If it is in between the glass, you double glazing has failing and needs to be replaced, but it dos sound as though it is inside.

You have covered the main reasons, drying clothes inside the home and poor ventilation will almost certainly cause condensation, but you say you have this covered!

My basic understanding of condensation is that it is caused when warm air holding water vapor comes in contact with a cold surface i.e your windows and condenses.

So the solution is to remove the possibility of this happening by either removing the water vapor from the air via a dehumidifier or ventilation or heat up your internal windows glass by leaving your heating on a lower level longer or maybe by replacing the double glazing units with new, more efficient units.

I'm currently replacing the glazed units in my house, but the dehumidifier worked a treat, but cant leave it on constantly!

Hope this helps, even a little bit :)

kind Regards



Answered 9th Dec 2014

If it is (and im going on the basis of what you've been told) condensation damp, then there's a general rule of thumb to eliminate it:

H = Heat - ensure the room / house is kept warm
I = Insulation - ensure you have adequate insulation in the walls / roof / floor
V = Ventilation - ensure there is adequate ventilation (window vents / wall vents / window ajar)
E = Excessive moisture (remove excessive moisture) - ensure doors are kept shut when the rooms are not being used


Answered 9th Dec 2014

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