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Any benefit in replacing the glazing in upvc double glazing units (the glass)

I have double glazing in my house, the same units have been in the house for probably around 25 Years. I'm not sure if they do a good job or not, or could be more energy efficient? Is there any benefit in just replacing the glazing unit or do you need to replace everything (UPvc). Any thoughts / comments or questions would be welcome. Thank you...

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With windows that old I would replace them with a-rated windows if seeking efficiency.
The old frames will counter act "energy efficient" glass so just replace like for like

The "A-rating" takes into account the whole package frame and glass.

I never offer energy efficient glass when replacing old failed units.
As it's a waste of money imo.



Answered 11th Dec 2014

Sorry Flamborough Windows but I disagree...
Upvc FRAMES for the last 25 years have hardly improved in energy efficiency. All the advancements have been achieved through development of energy saving glass. This is because almost all of the heat from the room lost through the windows is lost through the GLASS and not the frame...
All the heat saving U values for the last 20 years have generally been made through development of the glass and depending on which specification of glass is used determines whether the windows have an A or C rating. Even a brand new window glazed WITHOUT a low emission unit will NOT achieve an energy rating.
Therefore retro fitting Warm edge low emission Argon gas filled units into older frames Will definitely improve the energy efficiency of the windows.


Answered 1st Oct 2019

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