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How much would it cost to move existing ground floor staircase 180 degrees?

Hello, we've just bought a house where you have to enter the upstairs bathroom through the bedroom. As a result, we would like to swing the existing staircase location 180 degrees, most likely resulting in adding new staircase, then add doorways upstairs for spare room, and a landing with doorways to loft staircase, main bedroom and bathroom.

Other factors to consider - a chimney great needs to be removed in main bedroom, the electric box is under current staircase so this could cause some issues, we may need new staircase for loft but the location for that can stay the same.

We plan on doing final touches such as painting but just want an idea of the costs we should be looking at to get to that point and how quickly it could be done...

There is side access to the property.

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Its impossible to estimate without seeing plans or a site visit. You need to consider whether the new arrangement will comply with Building regs and whether it will work structurally. Ideally you need a competent builder or engineer or architect to advise on requirement. All I could say from your description is that it is likely to cost a few thousand pounds, probably more than 4K and less than 7K but that is a shot in the dark.
Good luck


Answered 19th Jan 2015

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