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Adding trickle vents to porch doors

I need to add ventilation to a cold porch hopefully to reduce condensation. The UPVC door and side windows are wall to wall so no space for air bricks. Hoping to fit some trickle vents, I have drilled some test/pilot holes in the top frame but appear to be hitting metalwork. This leaves the middle cross piece on the side windows or frame door. A test hole in the side window middle horizontal frame reveals no metalwork. Alternatively the trickle vent could be installed on the door itself.

Not wanting to drill loads of test holes in the framework/door how much of the frame/door is likely to have metal work within it and where would be the best place to route out/fit a trickle vent(s)?

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Chances are if the doors a standard white pvc-u they won't be any reinforcement in the door sash width.
This is the best place to route for t-vents.



Answered 26th Nov 2014

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