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Remove window for sofa delivery.


We have a sofa being delivered in January and we want to remove the UPVC window at the front of the house to get the sofa in - not the whole frame, just the section of window that opens but we want to take it off completely as just opening the window doesn't give enough space.

Is it possible to do this and then put back after the delivery and keep the windows in good working order afterwards? Any ideas for cost in South East London?



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It may be better to remove the double glazed unit, the unit will be either internally or externally glazed with upvc glazing beads. These beads can be removed and the unit will then be free to take out. To reglaze you just replace the unit and glazing beads.
I do this work in the North on a regular basis the cost will depend on glazing type and waiting time but should be approx £80 -£120


Answered 26th Nov 2014

If the opening is big enough for a sofa to go through it would be best to de glaze the sash/casement window and unscrew hinges so straightforward the most you'll face Rusty rounded off screws or on older upvc the hinges may be riveted on. Tilt & turn remove hinge covers and knock the top pin out , put handle into open position lift sash out and off lower pin.

Price depends on your local glazier's rates, handyman job £45 -£60 for 30 mins to hours work .


Answered 26th Nov 2014

You need to deglazed the sash first and foremost.
Look on youtube for how to do this.
Then remove all the screws that hold the hinges to the frame.

You could leave the glass in if there's a couple of you to support the sash whilst it's unscrewed, then screwed back in.



Answered 26th Nov 2014

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