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What qualifications electrician must have to do all aspects of replacing fuse main board ?

I just want to make sure as a homeowner/landlord that electrician i hire will have all qualifications,Certified,Registered to government legislated governing bodies
or what i should ask electrician??? Please advice.

Do i have to notify Council or what first steps i should do before doing that job? Or qualified/registered electrician will do that as a proffesional? So at the end i have to ask for Periodic Inspection Report?

Thank you all for your advice

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Dear Mr Peter_378,
Change a Consumer Unit is considered a major work, therefore it needs to be notified to the Local Authority(COuncil).
Following the current regulations the "Electrician" don't necesseraly have to be a qualified Electrician. He just need to be a "Domestic Installer" and Part P registered.
Of course, the more qualified the Electrician is,more expensive it will be.
So, if you are just looking for someone to do the job and give you a Certificate complying with current regulations, you should ask if he is Part P registered. That's it!
But bare in mind that to become a fully qualified electrician (city&guilds 2330 Level 3) takes 2 years. To become a Domestic Installer (Part P) takes 2 weeks.

Hope my answer gives you some help.

Sanzio Maciel
Mapol Electricians Ltd


Answered 16th Aug 2011

Ask the electrician which part P registration scheme he is with(niceic,napit,elecsa) and ask for his registration number. With this information you can go onto the internet and check to see if the information given is correct. As all these schemes have a facility on there web site so that the home owner can check. Hope this helps


Answered 16th Aug 2011

Make sure that they are registered with a governing body such as NAPIT, NICEIC and they should have a registration number. Please remember, if they say they are Part P, they should also be testing qualified to sign off all aspects of replacing main consumer unit. If in doubt, just ask or you can enquire at your local Building Control Officer.


Answered 16th Aug 2011


You should ask your Electrician if they have Part P Competent Persons Status and with which company they are registered such as the NIC EIC or NAPIT and to provide you with proof. In order to be thus they will have the necessary qualifications you require.



Answered 16th Aug 2011

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