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My hse is 100+yrs old 3 floors 7 bdrms gas c/h+3 electric showers. i need max capacity kva.

Thank you for your answers so far.
My meter has to be changed, the service head and tails are obsolete so that indicates age of electrical installation. The meter is being moved to the outside wall and I have to give my KVA to installer. Electricity was installed long before central heating and electric showers were available. If the current KVA is not sufficient can I simply tell them whatever I need and what would the optimum for multiple showers and appliances be? Is 19.5 already suggested sufficient?

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The normal these days is 25 but the size of your existing supply cable will determine the max you can have, regards Terry.


Answered 16th Aug 2011

Terry's right, but you may find that as you are reinstating an existing supply, you don't actually have to provide any figures to them. I've had multiple dealings with Central Networks/E-on/Aquila or whatever they're called now, and if you get hold of someone 'technical' rather than a pen-pusher it all goes a lot more smoothly. They have a default set of paperwork that gets sent out for every 'new' connection, and a lot of it isn't relevant. Your best option could be to ask the electrician who will be re-connecting the wiring on your side of the meter to speak directly to whichever technician is named on your supplier's correspondence.


Answered 22nd Aug 2011

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