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Quote for roof purlins work on victorian terrace house i do not yet own

I'm in process of buying a house. Report came back saying Additional purlins have been provided, however, the main purlins are bowing quite significantly to the front elevation and partly to the rear. Some rotten timbers were noted particularly around the chimney breast and along parapets where dampness has taken place in the past. Areas are now dry. Additional rafters have been provided in this area but ideally rotten areas should be cut out. 3 bed victorian terrace.

Are people happy to quote for work on a property I do not own? Do I need to get this sorted by the owers before moving? Is this a big/small job?

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It would be best to get the owners to rectify it before moving.

A structural engineer would be your best bet to look at it for you. It might only be a few braces to support the existing purlin. Or it could mean a whole new roof depending on the severity, and work involved to repair it.

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Answered 16th Aug 2011

Stay away


Answered 15th Aug 2011

I think this is a depends question.

In relation to pricing work before a person buys a house, I'm a bit cagy, because I rarely end up with the work. It seems that the customer often uses the prices to do the work themselves, then either does it himself or the sale does not go through. I often charge £70 for a quote for surveyors report, the quotation fee then redeemable against a final order.

Structural issues will often require evidencing for morgage purposes, and the work tends to be beyond the DIY person. In addition, I'm often recommended by the engineer or client, so there is more likelihood of a job at the end of it, so will often put the time in for these for a free quotation. (They are never free for me bear in mind)

In relation to your job, have the additional purlins stabilised the roof or is your surveyor saying that additional work is needed? As a builder if it is more than a simple repair, I would not consider myself competent to design additional roof supports and request a surveyors or engineers detail.

The rotten wood is again a depends without more detail and subject to my comments above.

Hope this helps?


Answered 15th Aug 2011

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