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How to fix creaky "new" wood flooring (kahrs / engineered wood)

We had Kahrs engineered wood flooring laid about a year and a half ago. It turns out the job was badly done as the flooring is still extremely creaky as you walk over it in a lot of places.

Now I wonder what we can do to fix the creaking, if not everywhere, then at least in the worst places. In some cases the creaking is clearly due to insufficient underlay, as the floor bounces a lot when you walk over it. But there are also two entire rooms and the hallway where the floor creaks loudly with every step.

As far as I can tell, the builder used a thick layer of underlay in all places (at least I hope he did, we certainly did buy enough to fill the space...), and left a gap of about 10 mm (+/-) on all sides.

Is is practical to nail the boards into the underlying floor (i.e. floor boards or plywood - which was used on top of the concrete floor in one room), or would this come loose again over time? In case there is no quick fix and the floor boards would have to be removed to get rid of the creaking, is it possible to then reuse the "old" boards? They are only 1.5 years old and weren't cheap, but I am not sure the Kahrs stuff is designed to be taken apart and put back together again?

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Hi, in agreement with the previous tradesmens comment the floor sounds like its been laid on top of an un-even subfloor. However, the issue with putting plywood over concrete could be creating a creaky floor as the ply may not be thick enough or may not be fitted properly. Kahrs engineered boards are designed to allow for minimal expansion so unless no expansion has been left then the creakiness is most likely to be from poor subfloor prep. As an ex rep for Kahrs I've seen a load of poorly fitted floors with poor subfloor prep being the cause of 90% of issues.

The Kahrs Woodloc design was introduced to allow people to uplift the boards without damaging each plank with the ease of putting them back down again with minimal hassle.

Hope This Helps!!

Answered 16th Aug 2011

The London Wood Flooring Co.

Member since 28 May 2010

Hi there smane to this answer above, however I would get the fitters back to rectify this remedial work.

Answered 16th Aug 2011

DJW Flooring

Member since 1 Feb 2011


You can't really nail the floor down, it's designed to float so it can move, expand and contract in the ambient conditions. Nailing it would make it creak more after a while and it could start to buckle up in the winter.

Has the floor always creaked...?

It sounds like the original floor wasn't flat enough to start with, to lay it on if it's bouncing. Underlay is normally 3-4mm thick, much more than that it will feel springy. If the floor can't move (tight expansion gaps especially around door ways) it will creak.

Kahrs woodlock can be lifted and re-laid. You'll have to check if that's what you have.

Hope this helps

Answered 15th Aug 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

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