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Laying laminate in a new conservatory

Hi folks.
I want to put laminate in our new Conservatory. The building was finished around two weeks ago, and since then I've had a de-humidifier running in there with a small heater keeping it at around 21deg.

The volume of water that the de-humidifier was extracting plummeted noticably in recent days so I thought that it may be ready to put laminate down. I laid the fibre board last night, but this morning I noticed that some of the board had curled up a little. Only very slightly, but enough to worry me. The humidity level in there is around 50-60% at the moment.

Firstly, should I have put a membrane under the fibre board? It seems to depend who you ask as to whether I should or shouldn't! Secondly, if the board is curling up is it too soon to lay the laminate? I really need to get this done so I can move furniture in there, because I need to replace the floor in the lounge (and I kinda wanted to get that done before Christmas...)

Sorry for the long waffling post... Grateful for any advice.

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Fibreboard or leveller board is not suitable over concrete without the use of a dpm, it can also take much longer than expected for a new screed to dry, a good rule of thumb is 1mm per day or 10mm per week but that can be longer this time of year, the only true way to tell is to do a damp test.


Answered 24th Nov 2014

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