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My upvc door lock has stuck

My door locks and unlocks, handle goes up and down as it should but the door won't open


Some of the pins definetly retract as you could probably force it open if unlocked, but not if its locked

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Hello there, look in the gap where the latch and lock bolts go into the frame .

When the door is unlocked and you pull the handle down do any of the hooks/bolts rollers retract or move up or down?

You may be lucky and it's just the latch but it could be the hooks are stuck .

Please let me know what happens when you pull the handle down and I'll try to help from there.


Ok follow this link

This will give you a rough idea of the names of the parts .
usually there are two hooks . One located near the top and one located near the bottom and a latch in the centre and a bolt just below the latch in line with the key.
Can you identify which is not retracting?
If it's the latch then use a knife in the side of the door to retract the latch.
If it's the hooks , with the door in the unlocked Position you need to manually retract the hooks (this can be tricky)
Once you get the door open you'll more than likely need a new mech. There will be a brand on there , you can buy them online , I'm lucky where I live as I have a supplier who can get nearly every make .
If your unsure of anything it's always best to call in a professional .
Please if you need further help just ask


Answered 19th Nov 2014

There are many types of multi point Lock on the market used in Upvc / composite doors so hard to tell without looking.most likely a fault with multi point and could be any of the components deadbolt, shoot bolt etc etc.undoing hinge screws may work if you can get to them ( flag hinge) which is unlikely if they have a grub screw holding the cover in place.pins could be removed if a older door. Most likely need to de glaze the door to slip the locks with minimal / no damage.


Answered 19th Nov 2014

It could be that the door has dropped, it will be best to undo the screws on the hinges and that will open the door it maybe the lock bar on the inside of the door rrp £90


Answered 18th Nov 2014

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