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Removing a socket in a kitchen without part p.

I'm fitting a new kitchen and the cooker will be connected to a standard ring socket. I want to change the existing cooker switch/socket to a normal double socket (and completely remove the cooker connection point that runs from it). Am I allowed to do this without part P?

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no your not that is precisely why part p was introduced.


Answered 15th Aug 2011

You can't run a cooker off the ring main, you will end up with a fire!


Answered 15th Aug 2011


Part p of the building regs states that minor work in kitchens and bathrooms is notifiable and would require certification.

However if you were carrying out this work in the living room, say, then it wouldn't be notifiable.

Also if you are fitting a new kitchen it is advisable to have the cooker on its own designated circuit due to the high current required by oven and hob and protected by a 32 amp breaker or 16 amp breaker if oven only and gas hob.

Hope this helps


Andy Hough


Answered 15th Aug 2011

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