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New 13amp ikea oven, hard wiring or not?

Right, so I've ordered my new oven which is 13amp and which is 0.89 Kwh! So does this bad boy need hard wiring into the wall and have its own special little circuit or can it just be plugged in to a socket?

This is really driving me insane, as different 'professionals' keep giving me conflicted info.

This is it with the specs:


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Sounds like a straight forward plug in appliance which should come with plug top already fitted!


Answered 15th Nov 2014

In the manual It clearly states 2780 watts total load and it also states that plug must be pulled out by the plug and not the cable, therefore if 13Amp plug is already attached then plug it in and enjoy.


Answered 8th Dec 2014

At 0.89Kw it works out as just 3.86amps (890watts divided by 230volts = 3.86). If its truly only drawing 3.86amps, then its a very poor/low powered cooker indeed! so could be plugged into a socket, with the plug fitted with a 5amp fuse.

Following the link to the Ikea website, it clearly states "Minimum fuse size is 13amp!" this would suggest that the oven could be plugged in? The figure of 0.88Kw is the hourly energy consumption and is totally irrelevant for the purposes of working out the current drawn from the electrical supply.

Whilst this may be driving you insane, you can't fit/connect the oven yourself unless you have applied and paid for part P building regulation consent, therefore its best just to hire an electrician and let him/her as a professional look at the oven and manual and connect it for you.


Answered 12th Nov 2014

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