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Mouldy window frames: is double glazing the whole solution?

I moved into a flat six months ago that still has the original 1960s single glazed windows in wooden frames. They are incredibly mouldy and urgently need replacing. I am concerned that if this is not done in the next few years they may literally fall out of the wall.

Ideally, I would like to get the windows replaced with modern UPVC double glazing, which would also help insulated the property better. But is this the whole solution? The building dates back 50 years and is made with concrete and steel. Is there any chance that the mould in in the wooden window frames could've caused a larger problem that needs to be dealt with? Or will replacing the wooden frames for the plastic ones simply eliminate the problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice – it's much appreciated.

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Mold is caused by condensation.
Look at addressing this first.
New windows won't cure it, but once sorted they will make the house more comfortable.

Check nuaire system out (piv)



Answered 12th Nov 2014

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