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Getting into bricklaying - advice on how to get into the trade

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but thought I would ask as it seems from the other posts I have read there is a lot of experience in this forum. :-)

I am 28 and I am looking at re training to be a bricklayer as I cannot stand my current job (IT helpdesk). But as most people I have a family to provide for so need to train and get paid at the same time.

I live in Waterlooville in Hampshire if that makes any difference.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get into the trade.

Many thanks in advance.


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Great advice @SRB.

Dan, in this game people wont come to you and ask "do you fancy learning a trade". Be clear and up front in what you want to achieve. I left the building game for 7 years so felt like a fish out of water when i went back into it. couple months later, speed was up and felt like i never left. In terms of timeframe on a site you're looking at c.3months hod carriying then moving onto jointing/pointing. rolling damp out, setting up line/pins and corner blocks. Eventually moving onto blockwork. Definitely invest time/money into a night course it will give you the exposure to getting on the trowel and allow you to learn at your own pace.

All the best.


Answered 4th Dec 2014

Hi dan
I agree with the other answers to your question, speaking as someone who was in a similar situation as yourself i was working in a job that i personally didnt enjoy, so im embarked in a career change, i spoke to a few local construction firms and one gave me to opportunity to learn along side them and give me a head start before they put me on an apprenticeship at the time i was 24 with a newborn now after four years of apprenticeships and 2 more children i gained my level 3 qualification and they encouraged me to further my skills by going solo and ive not looked back and will be forever grateful for them giving me the opportunity, go and speak to a few local firms you never know whats round the corner hope this helps


Answered 13th Aug 2018

Best thing to do is try an get a job as a hod carrier whilst doing an evening corse at college then when you got half a clue what your doing, ask if you can start working as a bricklaying improver which is a bricklayer but as you won't be as fast as the others or as tidy, you will be on less money and more than likely laying blocks.
When your ready simply ask for the pay rise or find another job as a bricklayer.


Answered 8th Nov 2014

Hi Dan, the two previous answers are true but only if you don't plan on working on a bigger site, you will need a cscs card to get on there, if you wish to have the relevant card (blue) you will need the proper qualifications, nvq2 which will be a 2 year course and an apprentiship. College will be 1 day a week.
In my experience on site, you will hod carry for a year, (the first year)
The rewards are worth your time, there's no reason why you can't pick up £10 an hour during your apprentice years and if you're happy to work, you'll be fine with money.
My advice is to find a big firm locally and ask for an apprenticeship on a large site.
This is because all you do is bricklaying, you'll learn quicker than a small site.
Hope this helps.


Answered 25th Jun 2017

If you are wanting to get into the bricklaying trade I really would try your hardest to get into an apprenticeship!
This is what I done with Taylor Wimpey and is by far the best way as you will get paid to learn how to lay bricks and the bricklayers will be more willing to teach you as an apprentice rather than starting off as a hod carrier. I say this because I have seen hod carriers who have wanted to learn how to lay bricks and they don’t get any time to do this as the bricklayers need looking after.
There was a hod carrier on my previous site who wanted to become a bricklayer and was getting nowhere. Until he joined an apprenticeship with Taylor Wimpey and started laying bricks and blocks straight away even if it was just in the corner practicing.


Answered 1st Mar 2019


If you are interested in bricklaying the best advice would be go to a college open evening to gain a bit more information on the role. And if you are still interested apply to a college course or an apprenticeship so that you can gain more knowledge. Also try and get some work on the field so that you can gain and develop your skills but you will be able to do this through your apprenticeship


Answered 27th Feb 2019

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