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Sash rehau window rating - quoted a rated but installed c rated

We have recently had installed double glazed sash windows. We were told they would be A rated Rehau windows. After installation we have noticed that they say C rated on the frame. Discussing this with the window company we were told on the phone that the frames are C rated but the windows are A rated. Find this hard to believe. Sounds rubbish to me.

Then were told that Rehau sash windows can only be C rated at highest. Not convinced of this either

Any views?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Window & Door Fitters

The energy ratings c, b & a
Is for the window as a whole frame and glass.
Rehau can only achieve c rating.
They are current updating their profile to 5 chambers to achieve the a-rating.


Answered 4th Nov 2014

With appropriate glazing a window built using Rehau 50mm or 60mm profile will hit an A rating (but not the 70mm) if this is a typical sash window.
If you mean a vertical sliding sash then the Rehau Heritage window with appropriate glazing also hits an A rating
The rating is based upon the window as a whole, that is correct. An A rated glazed unit plus a C rated frame can be an A rated window, it depends on the actual sizes and make up.


Answered 19th Nov 2014

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