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Am i allowed to put a stop end cap on the gas pipe

we have replaced the gas cooker for an electric one.
the gas pipe has a shut off valve on it which is obviously at the off position at the moment, the problem is with the handle/valve in this position the new oven cannot be pushed upto the wall,
So, Am I allowed to fit a cap onto this and then turn the valve back to the off position so we can put the oven back to the wall, or do I have to get a gas safe man in to do this??
I know its only a 2 minute job and the part costs £2 , but im gunna get stung for it which id rather not!!
would be really happy if someone could advise me,

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You must get Gas Safe Registered person to do his job. It will take few mins to make safe cap it off and check up to make sure no gas escape on any pipework or other appliances. It will cost round £30 ( in your area) and you will get gas safe certificate after complete by a competent person.


Answered 21st Mar 2016

You are better off paying a GAS SAFE registered installer to do job and have valid home insurance rather than attemting yourself.
Yes the cap is easy to fit but all gas engineers would test on completion, a little more complicated. Expect to pay around £40 for total job.
A wothwhile investment considering if you leave it leaking you could blow up your house and your neighbours!


Answered 13th Aug 2011

I would strongly advise you to get a gas safe registered engineer to do this job, this is to ensure that there will be no gas leaks
Lachlan Liddle


Answered 13th Aug 2011

Only a someone on the Gas Safe Resister my touch the gas pipe. if you put a stop end on (i asume you wwere thinking of a compression fitting) it then needs to be tested, my tester cost £180.

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Answered 7th Sep 2011

You are suppose to get a Gas Safe Registered person to do this work, only for the reason that they will have the equipment to check that no gas is escaping.

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Answered 13th Aug 2011

For your own safety, get a Gas Safe Registered employee to do it, just make sure you get a fixed price before they do it, realistically you should be paying no more than £30.


Answered 13th Aug 2011

too do any gas work you have to be gas safe registered, you may think its a two minute job but you need to put a drop test on your gas before AND after you do any work to ensure there are no leaks, its just not worth taking the risk doing it yourself. You CANNOT use plastic push fit on gas, it has to be soldered or compression (only if it is accessible). it would only cost £30-£40 to cap it off but it gives you the peace of mind that it is safe.




Answered 13th Aug 2011

You dont have a choice MUST be gas safe it would be no more than £40 so dont be tight be safe.


Answered 14th Aug 2011

Don't risk it


Answered 15th Aug 2011

It will need to be done and tested by a competent person really, suggest you get someone to do it, not worth the risk mate.


Answered 13th Aug 2011

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