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Blocked toilets at work!

The ladies toilets are blocked at my work place. Our boss has used loads of unblocker solutions that haven't worked. His last resort is getting dyno-rod in. Will a good old plunger do the job?

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Getting Dyno in is the safest bet but then again im biased, as stated the unblocker solutions are a waste of time and money, most blocked WCs are a result of things going down there which really shouldnt be flushed so trying to get the girls to change thier habits is a good place to start. Dealing with the blockage, if its a recent blockage a simple rodding from the WC side will normally clear it quickly. If the build up has been happening for a while then you need to look into the inspection chamber to see whats happening in there, if thats building up then you really need the guys in day glo orange in there may be all sorts of things happening that they will investigate. what you dont want to happen is you start poking things down and lose something or a rod snaps which happens with DIY rods then its just been made a lot worse. a good way to clear from the WC side with out rods is to use a wet mop and plunge for all your worth it gets a good seal and forces a plug of water at the blockage. Hope this helps. Paul DYNO


Answered 17th Feb 2011

Don't waste your money on 'unblocker solutions', they can be very expensive and a complete waste of time. The only answer really is to investigate the cause. As it is a ladies toilet it could be sanitary products and as you suggested a good plunger may be the answer or feel for any blockage. Remove manhole cover to see if liquid is flowing then it is to be rodded to remove any solid blockage. Also toilet can be removed to check for blockage in the bend and also down the multi-quick which leads into the soil pipe which runs into the manhole, therefore checking the blockage at both ends.
Hope this is of some help.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

Products that claim to clear blockages in waste pipes are a complete waste of money in my opinion.Check inside the inspection chamber to see which side of it the blockage is ,if the chamber is empty then the blockage is on the toilet side and if it has sewage filling up then the problem is beyond the chamber.Rodding the pipes normally clears the blockage.If it`s really stuck toilet side then the pan can be removed and the rods put down this way.If the problem persists ,try putting a notice up in the toilet asking people not to put sanitary products down the toilet.Worst case,if it is an ongoing problem then a camera survey might be needed to see if the sewer pipe itself has moved or even broken(depending on its age).


Answered 17th Feb 2011

trust me i have had to do this many times and a good plunger does do the job but normally its only tempory at the back of the toilet u have an outlet to the soil pipe it will get clogged up it may need to b scrapped to prevent further blockage.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

unblocking solutions are a waste of money good old plunger should do the trick


Answered 18th Feb 2011

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