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Low pressure on cold water flow to bath tap, cold flow to basin tap is ok


I have a Mono Filler tap on my Bath and Basin. The flow of water to both hot and cold water to the basin is the same speed. However the flow of cold water to that bath is significantly lower than the flow of hot water, i.e. the cold flow is no more than a dribble.

The pipes feeding hot and cold water to the basin and bath are the same, with the basin tap being before the bath tap.

This has only started happening over the last few weeks, any ideas what might be causing the slow flow of cold water to the bath tap?

Many Thanks

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change the tap vale


Answered 6th Nov 2014

I'd start with looking under the bath and checking that any isolator valves are turned fully open. It's extremely common to find 'plumbers' have turned valves and fiddled with things and lost a lot of water flow as a result.
It's also very possible that if everything was ok and this is a new thing, then the moving portion of the tap (inside the tap itself and the part that supports the washer) has failed. Despite the tap feeling like it operates fine, it may be that the washer is actually remaining sat against the tap seat, in which case it's probably best (as a DIY-er) to replace the tap valve using a tap reviver kit (about £10 per pair from B and Q).
A plumber would also do this for you if you're not confident enough to do it, so a ring round for quotes would be a good starting point.

Best of luck!

Dave - DrainMedic


Answered 2nd Jan 2015

Valves on taps can stick through limescale build up and age. The first thing I would do is change the valve in the bath tap.


Answered 2nd Nov 2014

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