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Invalid electrical certificates

I had some electrical work done as part of a garage conversion, the builder/electrician filled out the certificates (& I paid him on that basis) - Building control say the certificates are invalid, he is not certified. He installed a new circuit, 6 x spots, 3 x double sockets & a light switch. What options do I have to get the electrical testing/certificiates elsewhere, & who can I report this person to?

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Theres no problem getting another electrician to test the installation and issue cert, perfectly fine as he would test it make sure everythings A ok and issue cert


Answered 14th Aug 2011

building control can check and sign your electrics off i think its about £150.hope this helps john


Answered 14th Aug 2011

You will have to get a registered electrical contractor to do this make sure they are registered with a governing body first like NAPIT or niceic then ask for membership number and ring up and confirm this. You could report the tradesmen responsible to trading standards.


Answered 12th Aug 2011

You cannot get another electrician to "do a certificate", you will need to speak to the local building control and explain the situation and ask for their direction on what to do next, report the builder to the local trading standards and if any costs arise from any remedial works required then try to reclaim this through the small claims court.


Answered 14th Aug 2011

The grey area with certification is that as long as whoever works on wiring gets someone independent to test it, neither of them legally have to be qualified or registered. They merely have to be 'competent'. Part P registration essentially allows an electrician to sign off his own work, without having to get anyone else involved. You would be best to speak to building control to verify why the certificates are invalid, and see exactly what they want before getting someone else in and slating the guy who did the job originally. Often, paperwork issues such as these can be solved by a simple quick chat with the 'right' person. It is entirely possible that there's nothing really wrong with his work, and that he just needs someone else to inspect it for him.


Answered 23rd Aug 2011

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