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House survey and question about a lintel supporting a window


I have recently asked a surveyor to inspect a property which we are currently trying to buy. Upon receiving the survey, we noticed that one comment mentioned the following:" There is no lintel supporting the brick soldier arch and tiled drip over the ground floor front window and the window frame is supporting the wall. There should be a lintel installed internally but this was not inspected". Further down, the surveyor is stating that we should:"Obtain confirmation from the window installer that the ground floor front window is reinforced and load bearing, to carry the weight of the brick wall above."

I have bought a house before and never I have received such comment. The windows have been on the house since 2010 and installed at the same time as the back extension of the house. Everything is sound with no evidence of movement or cracking.

Would this be something I should look seriously into?


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Yes get it sorted.
Upvc are not load bearing even when reinforced.
It will eventually cause the brick work above to crack.
Theres various ways of doing it.
But an L10 lintel is the way to go imo.
Was the installer fensa or certass? Either way bring the issue up with who ever is on the compliance cert.
If done through labc then their surveyor should have picked this up before and after.


Answered 28th Oct 2014

If there is indeed a brick ARCH above the window then by the nature of its construction it will not drop


Answered 19th Nov 2014

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