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Best showering solution - triton enrich electric shower

I have a combi boiler in the kitchen but the shower is fed from a cold water pipe from tank in loft. I am ground floor flat and tank is in loft 3 floors above. I have 1 bar pressure in bathroom (checked by water board). I have an electric shower (Triton Enrich) but it will not heat the water. I have been advised that I can have a pump fitted but I am wondering if I am better spending money on a pumped shower. Looking at Triton T90XR or similar.

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The triton enrich needs a minimum 1 bar pressure so you are on the limit, you also need a minimum flow rate, I would suggest it is a combination of these that is stopping the shower from working. Pumped showers run off gravity hot and cold, you have mains hot water so you cannot fit a pumped shower. However you just need to change to a suitable high pressure shower valve and connect to you hot water and mains cold water. Not totally straight forward, you need to get a plumber to check the flow rate of the hot water and cold mains water to make sure they are reasonably balanced.


Answered 2nd Nov 2014

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