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Gable wall, water

Hi, there is a problem with our gable wall. I think there may be guttering or tiling issues as water is now leaking into our inner walls (wall feels wet) and wallpaper is coming off. I can hear 'bits' falling behind the wall. WE are in a 1st floor flat - the gable wall is on a laneway that is used by cars. I'm not sure what is the problem or who to ask. A tradesman who works on the roof or someone for damp proofing or both? Has become really bad lately due to really heavy rains (Scotland).

There are 6 flats in our bulding, would everyone be responsible?

Thanks - don't know where to start

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Freeholder of the property will be responsible for building failure. Could be a number of reasons. leaking through roof (tiles or slates?) Gable needs pointing, or could even be leaking from the ridge and running down internally. Ask the other tenants with regards to free hold of building, this will be an easy problem to over come as there legally should have insurance in place for this kind of problem.




Answered 23rd Aug 2011

sounds to me like the roof has a problem with the water getting in between the cavity if there is one, also the house wall should not be wet it may be just needs ventilation in that room if there is none, also is the outside wall brick and if it is is the pointing any good as you would not get rising damp on the first floor


Answered 12th Aug 2011

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