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Would worcester bosch greenstar 30si compact boiler be suitable for a 4 bed house?

replacing an old boiler

new boiler must heat 4 bed detached house, 3 receptions, 1 bathroom
Installer quoted for Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Si compact boiler

I read somewhere it is suitable for apartment or small 1 bathroom property
Would the Greenstar 30Si compact boiler be suitable?

Also it seems it was discontinued in July 2013, so we are surprised to get the quote.

Any suitable alternative?

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The 30Si has not been discontinued only upgraded to a 'compact' version. Regarding your question of suitability I would say yes, but why do you not trust the engineer who provided you with an appropriately sized boiler in his quotation?


Answered 23rd Oct 2014

Pretty much any boiler will cope with the radiators, its the hot water supply where combi boilers struggle. As you have 1 bathroom then yes this would be fine.


Answered 23rd Oct 2014

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