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Difference in vinyl matt or normal matt emulsion with regards finish and sheen

Hi just wondering if there is really a difference in using vinyl matt to ordinary matt emulsion with regards finish and sheen etc...
Always had dulux colours mixed up in matt but i like a colour in wickes but it says vinyl matt and worried ill get an awful shiney finish.
Painting onto newly skimmed walls after mist coat which has fully dried.

Any answers id be grateful especially regarding the paint itself from wickes also.
Any recommendations on a good trade white emulsion? Laylands contract has good reviews. Just for ceilings and mist coat it will be used. Thanks


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Vinyl matt just means there has been a resin which is vinyl or acrylic added to make the emulsion more hard wearing. It will result in varying degree of sheen in plain emulsion. However the matt emulsion gives a matt, non- shiny finish that is good for not showing small imperfections on the wall or ceiling. Hope this help


Answered 24th Oct 2014

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