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Non standard doorway

I have a doorway in my living room which had two folding doors I removed these thinking I could easily replace them with two hinged doors rather than have folding again. The only problem is the doorway is not standard size so standard size doors will not fit. The doorway sizes are width 1.82 metres, height is 1.92 metres is there any way that I can have two doors fitted without having them specially made.

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yes the carpenter just has to alter the size to fit, if you have the skills, it is very easy to do


Answered 28th Feb 2011

Hi, There are 2 ways you can solve your problem,

1, reduce the width between the door Frame/ liner, you will need to reduce it by about 140mm, or 70mm on each side, so as standard 33inch doors could be used, architrave will need to be changed/moved to cover the new Frame sections etc
2, If you are using softwood doors that are to be painted then a joiner could glue and screw extra timber to the sides of the doors to increase the widths, this would be about 35mm on each side of each door.

In both cases the doors are about 60mm oversized in hight, this should be removable by cutting top and bottom, poss taking a little more of the bottom than the top, as the bottom rail is the larger of the two.



Answered 28th Feb 2011

The frame opening is 6 inches wider than the overall width of two 33 inch doors. If you make sure the doors are made from softwood and are going to be painted the best way to complete the job would be to add an inch of timber to each side of each door and an inch to each side of the frame. This will gain the 6 inches required.

You will need to remove the architrave and replace it with something an inch wider than the existing.

If you wanted just a plain flat panel door they could be made cheaply enough but you probably want something more in keeping with a living room.

Choose doors which have a substantial amount of timber at the top and bottom because you will need to remove 2 1/2 inches from the overall height. Use solid timber doors, the hollow doors will cause you all kinds of problems when joining timber and reducing the height.


Answered 28th Feb 2011

Hi, there.
If i were you, i would just find a good joinery shop and have two new doors made, as you could do what has been mentioned above but i think it would be 1. a hassle, adding timber to the frame and doors, or taking architrive off etc, etc. and 2. i just don't think it would look great.
You can buy 36inch doors which would fit into the opening perfectly, but they are not common and you might not find the exact style you want or they might be too tall or too thick.
If you have two made, you'll be confident that they fit perfectly and that they also look good and in keeping with the rest of the doors in your house. If you are just after pine 4 or 6 panel doors then these shouldn't cost too much. I can't give an exact price, sorry, but i think its worth getting some quotes.
Hope this helps.


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

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