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Upvc bay window leak

Hi there all

I have just moved into a place that has a UPVC Bay Window in the master bedroom and after last nights rain I noticed there was a major leak coming from under the Window sill across the bay window. Quite bad in fact that I also noticed that very small worms and slugs were making their way through the sill and onto our wall. The underneath of the sill looks very rotten and bad patch up jobs seem to have been attempted.

It looks like the initial install was not done properly at all, and as I have just moved in there is no documentation on who originally fitted the window.

Is there anything I can do in the meantime to try and limit the amount of water coming in before I get some professional opinions on how to get this sorted?

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hi you can try fill the holes under cill with silicone or expanding foam if you could contact us by phone we could maybe come and solve the probelm thanks scowen builders


Answered 22nd Dec 2014

It sounds like the silicone seal may of failed under the cill,
I would be happy to come out and have a look for you.


Answered 26th Jan 2018

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