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I currently have a kitchen which has a 30amp circuit from the consumer unit. This is used for the oven, wm, dw and extractor fan.

I want to move the kitchen into the living room and therefore use the existing circuit to supply the dw, wm and extractor fan. In effect the length of the existing cable will be extended by about 5 metres.

What certification if any is required and must this work be notified. Is there any regulations requiring the cu to have an rcd fitted?

I am also thinking of running the extended part of the cable attached to an outside wall in a plastic conduit, is this acceptable.

Sorry for all the questions, i want to make sure i get it right first time.

thanks guys


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any electrical works in a kitchen( except for changing socket fronts or wiring up a cooker which should be carried out by a competent person) is notifiable and requires the addition of an r c d.and this is subject to the earth bonding and meter tails being suitable. all of the circuits concerned would have to be tested to ascertain there suitabilityrouting the cable externaly is acceptable depending on its location. I suggest that you post a job on this site and get quotes from local tradespeople before you start work, regards Terry.


Answered 9th Aug 2011

You can actually carry out your own electrical work as long as you have building regulations approval


Answered 15th Aug 2011

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