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"some circuits don't have 30ma rcd protection and should be rectified asap" - what does this mean and what does it cost to fic?

This note was contained in a domestic minor works certificate we have inherited from the previous home owners. It seems the work was related to installing kitchen downlights and a new socket. Circuits 1, 3, 4 & 5 don't have 30ma RCD protection and should be rectified.

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sounds like you consumer unit is to 16th edition, this does not mean that your electrics are unsafe, if your bathroom has supplementary bonding and your gas and water is earthed with 10mm cable then you do not need full rcd protection, but i,am only going off what you have put on, get a second opinion from an other electrician, sound to me like the electrician that you have used it trying to get a new fuse box out of you.



Answered 8th Aug 2011

I'm always say to my customers that in situation like your it is recommendation only to protect circuits with RCD for additional protection.And better way is change consumer .
Thank you.


Answered 12th Aug 2011

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