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New sockets above worktop

i want to add some new sockets above kitchen worktop and move wall lights. Whats the best tool to use for chasing the wall and what size conduit is normally used.

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Hi,all electrical work undertaken in a kitchen is notifiable under Part P,best contact an electrician who is registered.


Answered 8th Aug 2011

hi as its in a kitchen are you aware you will need part p notification?

as for the chasing, you can use a hammer drill or hammer and chisel by hand. if you have access to one you can use a sparky double angle grinder to cut the chase.

you dont need to use conduit if the cable is over 50mm deep and OR RCD protected. but it is worth putting some pvc capping over it.

but to stress you will need to follow part p and notify the electrical work. plus it is likely you will need rcd protection.

hope this helps


Answered 8th Aug 2011

Small angle grinder with diamond disc, if you use PVC twin and earth cable with rcd protection on the circuit you can bury the cable in the wall without conduit.


Answered 8th Aug 2011

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